2D Champions Episodes 54+55 Yowamushi Pedal and Free!

The ‘2016 Olympics Arc’ in 2D Champions continues with our review of the first five episodes of ‘Yowamushi Pedal’! Rather than a cool athletic dude, wouldn’t it be easier for otaku to get into sports if the main character was an otaku himself? This theory is tested in anime’s most popular cycling series of the past decade (maybe ever?)Adapted by TMS Entertainment from the original manga by Wataru Watanabe, does ‘Yowamushi Pedal’ make you root for this nerd who discovers his love of cycling? Or does it leave you feeling deflated? Listen and find out!

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Thaddeus is joined by special guest Meredith as they discuss the first five episodes of ‘Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club’. Swimming, perfectly toned muscles, and friendship are the big topics in the third part of our ‘2016 Olympics Arc’ and ‘Free!’ certainly provides all that wrapped up in gorgeous animation. Are pretty faces and lovingly-rendered water effects enough to have the Champions cheering for this series? Or does ‘Free!’ end up doing a belly-flop into the pool?
Listen and find out!

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2D Champions Episode 53: Kuroko’s Basketball

It’s the start of the ‘2016 Olympics Arc’ in 2D Champions! Over the next four weeks, the Champions will be reviewing a variety of sports-themed anime! This week we start off discussing the popular series ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’. The biggest basketball manga since the legendary ‘Slam Dunk’, ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ is based on the manga by Tadatoshi Fujimaki which ran in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. The animated adaptation, produced by Production I.G., ran for several seasons accompanied by a few films. Does ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ leave any impression on the Champions? Or is it a slam dunk?
Listen and find out!

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2D Champions Episode 52: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

This week the Champions dive into another world full of cat-elves, cute girls, magical powers, and…extreme violence?! Watch as our poor main character goes through lives like Super Mario as he attempts to navigate the very pretty but extraordinarily dangerous world of ‘Re:ZERO’. Join the Champions as we discuss the first five episodes of the this popular summer anime. Is it an instant classic? Or are we forced to banish it to another dimension? Listen and find out!

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Star Trek Discovery Launches in January 2017

This past weekend at San Diego Comic Con, executive producer Bryan Fuller revealed a new teaser video for the new CBS All-Access Star Trek series. It’s important to note that the design of the new ship is still subject to changes and the CGI is also not representative of how the final product will look when the show launches in January; this is very much a ‘teaser’ video meant to whet the appetite of fans and give us something to chew on as we wait for more information about this new Star Trek show.

The design of the U.S.S. Discovery is heavily influenced by Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art for the shelved 1976 Star Trek film Planet of the Titans. It’s very interesting to see that the new Star Trek series isn’t focused on another ship bearing the name Enterprise but rather a brand-new (old?) vessel. I’m greatly anticipating more information on Discovery and I’m just very happy that we finally have a new Star Trek TV series heading our way after all these years.


You can find out more about the Planet of the Titans project here. 

Source: TrekCore

2D Champions Podcast Episode 51: Big Order

In this week’s show, the Champions fall into the pit of terrible anime tropes that is ‘Big Order’. ‘Big Order’ is Studio Asread’s adaptation of Sakae Esuno’s manga series. Esuno is well-known as the original creator of ‘Mirai Nikki’ (Future Diary). ‘Big Order’ borrows ideas from some excellent shows and tries to set itself apart with its over-the-top characterizations. Can ‘Big Order’ win over the Champions? Or does it make them wish that it was never made to begin with? Listen and find out!

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Funimation Licenses Shin Godzilla For North America


A few days after Toho stated that their upcoming Godzilla film will be shown in over 100 countries worldwide, Shin Godzilla has finally been secured for a North American release. Funimation announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Con that they have licensed Shin Godzilla and will be releasing the film into select North American theaters later this year.   It’s fantastic news that American fans will get the chance to see Shinji Higuchi and Hideaki Anno’s take on the King of the Monsters on the big screen, just a few months after it’s Japanese release. I expect Funimation to treat Shin Godzilla similarly to their release of Shinji Higuchi’s Attack on Titan films from last year. So far Funimation has not announced whether or not Shin Godzilla will be subtitled or dubbed, nor do we know just how many theaters will show the film. All of this information is forthcoming and I’ll update Teatime with all the details as they become available

A Japanese Godzilla film hasn’t gotten a wide theatrical release in the United States since Godzilla 2000 and the American edition of that film came with missing footage and a terrible dub. After the debacle of Funimation’s release of Evangelion 3.0, I hope that they treat Shin Godzilla with the respect that it deserves. For right now though, Funimation has really come through for American Godzilla fans by working hard to acquire the rights to Shin Godzilla and getting it into theaters so soon after it’s Japanese release.

Another interesting note is that Funimation and Toho have totally dropped the old international title for Anno and Higuchi’s new Godzilla film (Godzilla Resurgence) and are just referring to it by it’s true name: ‘Shin Godzilla‘.

Sources: SciFi Japan, The Good, The Bad, and the Godzilla 

Drifters Anime Licensed by Funimation

Funimation recently announced that they have acquired the streaming and home video rights to the new TV anime adaptation of Kouta Hirano’s Drifters manga. Hirano’s follow up to Hellsing has been running since 2009 and much of the same staff from the Hellsing OVA series are returning to adapt Drifters for television. The first two episodes of the new series came bundled with the latest volume of the manga in Japan; but those of us who didn’t get to pick that up will have to wait until they air this October.

Funimation will begin streaming Drifters soon after it begins airing in Japan this fall and to get people hyped about the new series, they have posted a 6-minute teaser for the series on Youtube.

I’ve been a big fan of Hirano’s work for a long time and the staff that created the Hellsing OVA series was a perfect choice for animating Hirano’s work. The six-minute teaser for Drifters looks great and I can’t wait to check out the rest of the show when it airs!