Old News! New News! Aliens?

When I was a kid, one of my very faveorite action figure lines were the Aliens figures (back when R-rated movies had lots of advertising for children) these figure were paired up with a Dark Horse comic book which featured the particular kind of alien you had just purchased doing generally creepy things and causing trouble for the marines with a payroll that doesn’t include exterminating Xenomorph infestations. Anyways, I just recently discovered that these action figures were also going to be part of a saturday-morning cartoon show entitled “Operation: Aliens”. The show didn’t seem to make it to television but it wasn’t axed before scenes were animated and the marketing machine had begun to roll. You can check out images from the proposed series here:  http://www.alienscollection.com/operationaliens.html

In other ‘Aliens’ related news, Dark Horse Comics is ressurecting the Aliens

and Predator comic lines. Prior to the new series’ start DH is releasing a special comic for Freek Comic Book day on May 2nd….cover below.  03012009_01


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