Calling All Planets

11Susumu Hirasawa’s 11th solo album is coming out on February 18th! Hirasawa is probably best known (those very few who do know about him) from his work on the soundtrack for Satoshi Kon’s film “Paprika“. Hirasawa also composed the soundtrack to the 1997 Berserk TV series as well as being a core member of the band P-Model.  Hirasawa’s last album was Byakkoya – White Tiger Field in 2006, which is where the theme for Paprika first appeared. The new album is entitled “Planet Roll Call” and it apparently features a few new stylistic changes in Hirasawa’s sound. The album is a soundtrack/sci-fi story on its own writting by Hirasawa which seems to recount the journey of a traveler through strange worlds.



In his own words:

“To Listeners — Message from Susumu Hirasawa

Before composing this album ‘Planet Roll Call’, I made a story.
The story, however, was made just for the map to arouse my imagination, but not for the specific message that I wanted to tell you.
This is music works.
The story was broken up into pieces to arrage the order of the tunes. I hope you enjoy my album as music works, anyway.
Naturally, every listener has his own stories. (Susumu Hirasawa)”

Not bad for someone who I imagine would be difficult to translate into english. Included below is the track listing for the album.

01.Hard Landing (instrumental)
02. Planet Roll Call
03. Night Walking Wearing the Human Body
04. Mirror Gate
05. Royal Road, Paradise
06. Initial Value of Midair
07. The Great Deceiver of Saint Horseshoe Planet
08. Visible Sea
09. Phonon Belt
10. Astro-Ho! Homing

….and Hirasawa’s official site for the new work:


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