The Countdown Begins…

playjp_ent21J.J. Abram’s new film Star Trek opens in theaters on May 8th, which is now a little under three months away. The marketing machine is working at full power now and it seems that everyday there is another piece of news for the movie. First, during the Super Bowl a few weeks ago, a new 30-second teaser was shown during one of the commerical breaks.

With the new movie of course comes brand new action figures and playsets….many of which I will be purchasing myself. They give a tantalizing glimpse of the film and frankly I’m just excited to be able to get a new model of the Enterprise up on a bookshelf. Posted below are images of the 3.75 inch action-figure line along with the transporter room and bridge playset that go along with them. Also below are picture of the new model of the Enterprise for good measure.













It was also recently announced that a new trailer for the movie will be running before the film Watchmen on March 6th.  There is also a comic book prequel to the upcoming movie being published now which is supposed to bridge the gap between the last Trek movie Nemesis and the new film by focusing on the new film’s villain, Nero. The second issue is set to be released on the 25th of this month.


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