Running Behind!

I really meant to post this alot sooner than I have, but I got very caught up with leveling my Death Knight over spring break (as well as actually doing some work for school) and updating turned into one of those things that I am “always planning on doing”.

Regardless! Last friday the first real trailer for the next Rebuild of Evangelion film premiered in Japan and then across the internet in bootleg-camera phone form some odd number of hours later. The bootleg version has been appearing and dissapearing off of youtube so I won’t be posting it here until I see something with a little more quality. Below are pictures of the new poster as well as a special image of Asuka that appears on the advance-purchase tickets.











































The poster features some new quotes from Shinji, Asuka, and the new character Mari. The creators had promised previously that the upcoming film, unlike the previous “You Are (not) Alone” will feature some major changes to the story and the characters. The most apparent of these changes so far (aside from the addition of several new Eva units) is a change to Asuka’s name which is now “Shikinami Asuka Langley” rather than the old “Sohryu Asuka Langley”. Apparently she is also a captain in the new film as well. Let the fan arguments commence. A full translation of the side text from the poster follows below (taken from

Asuka: That’s right. I’m laughing.

The Third Angel
Betania Base*
Sealed And Guarded Restricted Weapon – Evangelion – Local Specifications Model 05
Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon – Evangelion – Regular Use Model 02 (First Mass Production Model)
Evangelion Aerial Recon S-Type Equipment
The Second Girl – Captain Shikinami Asuka Langley**
Top Inspector Kaji Ryouji
Nebuchadnezzar’s Key
International Environment Corporation – Sea Of Japan Ecosystem Preservation And Research Body
Tabuha Base***
Hit Rate 99.9999%
N2 Aerial Depth Charge From Satellite Orbit
Special Declaration D-17
A Woman’s Intuition
Scent Of The Earth
Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon – Evangelion – Next Generation Test Model 04
Vatican Treaty – Article 13, Paragraph 1
The Real Evangelion
The False God
The Doll
Dummy System Loaded In Entry Plug (Model 01 Selected)
Matsushiro-2 Test Site – Temporary Cage
First Piloted Start-Up Test
Confidential Circuit
Corrosive Type
Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon – Evangelion – Regular Use Model 03
The Strongest Rejection Type
Devouring Prey
Third Impact
Evangelion Mark.06

Shinji: I can’t laugh with anyone anymore.
Mari: If you’re so hard on yourself like that, you won’t have any fun.



Seems like the new movie will be very exciting….and I am very interested in seeing how they condense so much material into single film.


In older news, the new Star Trek trailer premiered in front of Watchmen and has succeeded in completely blowing my mind. If this movie is anything as good as the recent advertisement for it….I shall be setting up residence in the movie theater.


Finally, a random picture which I have been laughing constantly about:



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