Great Success!

Everyone who is a fan of Kentaro Miura’s Berserk should hop on over to the forum if they haven’t done so already as it is most certainly the best avenue of information and discussion for the series.

About three weeks back I checked up on the site and saw that one of the fans decided to write a letter to Miura himself and arranged a series of questions about the series, many of which being topics that have been brought up again and again on the site. A few days ago, amazingly, the fan got a reply back. Akira Shimada, the editor of Berserk, answered the questions after talking it over with Miura himself. I’ve never heard of anything like this occuring across anime and manga fandom, so I was absolutely astounded that the author would have even taken the time to give any sort of reply to a bunch of foreign fans. There are several interesting answers to the questions that were posed to Miura (many of them dubious, as he cannot reveal any real future plans for the series) but out of all of them the most intriguing was his answer to how much longer the series will go on. Miura responded that although it is impossible to tell how things will work out in the future, the series is about 60-70% complete. This is an amazing occurence and everyone should check out the skull knight site to read about everything that’s going on.

To add to this exciting news, after another long hiatus, the most recent issue of Young Animal announced that Berserk will resume serialization on April 24th.

It is a very exciting time to be a fan of Berserk!













The spring anime season began last week and is in full swing — there are tons of promising shows including the new Full Metal Alchemist, K-ON!, and Basquash! as well as the newly remastered Dragonball Kai. I have been really busy with school work but after the new opening themes for Naruto and Bleach air I will be writing a long post on all of the new openings and shows which I will be watching this season.


2 thoughts on “Great Success!

  1. If you haven’t already, definitely check out the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist. It’s off to a great start, continuing it’s balance of hilarity and dark undertone. It seems to start about halfway into the series, and I’ve heard that it’s supposed to relate more closely to the manga, if you’ve followed it.

    • Thanks for the tip! Yea….the new series seems great. I’m excited for them to animate all the characters that appear later on in the manga that never made it into the first anime.

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