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 Last week the new trailer for the second of the Evangelion film remakes made its first (official) appearance online. As I wrote last month…crappy cell-phone recordings of the trailer have already been making their rounds across the internet but I decided not to post anything unless you could actually tell a little about what was going on in the footage being shown. The trailer is out and I have included below.


The trailer shows several different angels and story arcs that ranged across many episodes of the television version, so I am very interested to see how they cram ten or more episodes of material into a single movie. Though, as I write this, I think it’s a mistake to think that they will be following the story in any familiar manner after the announcement was made several months ago that this film will be presenting fans with drastic changes to what we have become so familiar with. Much of the excitement surrounding this film has nothing to do with any new changes or additions to the story but rather everything to do with the arrival of Asuka, who will probably be fighting hard in the new film to make up for all of the screen time that she missed in the previous movie…

Included below is the special Rei image that Yoshiyuki Sadamoto drew for those who purchased advance tickets for the film as well as two other special drawings of Asuka and Rei which are drawn in a style similar to that of some promotional images of the characters drawn by him back in 1996. On another note, Sadomoto’s Evangelion manga is expected to return after a hiatus of several years this July in a new magazine alongside MPD Psycho.





































 Finally, Sadamoto just released a very cool looking new artbook entitled Carmine which features work from FLCL, Diebuster, and of course the new series of Evangelion films. I will be trying my best to get a copy of the book and below is an image from the work which I think would make a fantastic poster:



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