News Roundup


 The gigantic life-size Gundam being constructed in Tokyo as part of the franchise’s 30th anniversary celebration has just recently been completed. It features moving parts, it lights up, and it apparently also has a mist-making techniqure for added dramatic effect. I will post some more pictures of it later as it is a truly ridiculous project and perhaps one of the largest and most elaborate tributes to a science fiction series ever. I guess Japan is that much closer to adding mobile suits to their self-defense forces….



 In other Gundam news, there are new renditions of the principle Gundams from previous incarnations of the series being released for the 30th anniversary as well and one of the recently announced figures is a new model of the White Doll/Moustache Gundam from the series Turn A Gundam. This is exciting because the show didnt get much love in the action figure department due to the strange mecha designs and I’ve been wanting to get a figure of the Syd Mead designed Gundam featured in the show for awhile.


 The second season of the new Full Metal Alchemist TV anime just started last week and is proudly advertising the new characters and stories that were not animated in the original program. The new opening and ending for the season are excellent as well and I will try to remind myself to post them later on.


 A second season of the supernatural anime Darker than Black was announced awhile ago but promotional images for the new series have been  coming out rather frequently over the past few weeks to advertise a new Blu-Ray boxset for the first season in september as well as showing off the new main character of the series….a 13-year old half russian half japanese girl who is featured in the above picture. I’m not sure about the new ‘main’ character but it will be interesting to see how they carry on the story that I felt was left very unresolved in the last series.


For once, not having anything to do with anime, a new Spider-man six-part comic series will be released soon which will be re-telling the entire clone saga from the early to mid nineties that still stands as one of the most controversial Spider-man stories. I’m excited to see what the new rendition of the story will be and I’m sure that it is also being released now to help introduce readers to the clone of Spider-man before a new arc focusing on the long-since-dead long forgotten character begins in Amazing Spider-man later this year. 

Some other little tidbits are that a new Great Teacher Onizuka series just began a few weeks ago in Japan and it was just announced earlier today in the newest issue of Shonen Sunday that a new TV anime of Inu-Yasha will be airing in October. The new series is set to cover the last 21 volumes of the manga and will serve as a proper ending to the long-running tv series that ended abruptly back in 2004. 3587611267_15070706c0_bAlso, the new Torchwood series ‘Children of Earth’ aired last week in the UK to impressive ratings — pretty much saving the series from cancellation and ensuring a fourth season somewhere down the line. As long as Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper are still on the TV I can’t complain.



  And finally, before this becomes the first post in a long time without any Evangelion reports, I end today with a rather alluring picture of Mari in her plugsuit from the cover of ‘Cut’ magazine in Japan. CUT_No247_•Ž†“üe‘O


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