New Who!



Filming for the new 2010 series of Doctor Who began yesterday in England. The Eleventh Doctor will be played by Matt Smith and his new companion, Amy Pond, as played by Karen Gillan. Lot’s of spoilers were caught by the press at the site of the filming which I will omit, but, it seems that the new head writer, Steven Moffat, is going for a more retro approach on the new fifth series. The Tardis outside seems to have been slightly modified to more closely resemble William Hartnell’s original Tardis in the 1963 series. Three more specials are set to air with David Tennat performing as the Doctor before the switch over to Matt Smith. Although I am still very skeptical about the new actor they chose for the Doctor and the fact that Tennant is going to be a hard act to follow…I am still excited for all of the big changes that are going to happen — the show has been phenomenal so far but it is definitley time for the story to move  along.

In unrelated news, I dug up a small character sheet for the new season of Darker Than Black….just more images of the new central character with what looks to be a supporting cast member. I’m not sure about the little squirrel thing, although I seem to remember one in the old series….but I could be totally wrong.  


 Finally, a poster for the upcoming Kick-Ass movie has popped up and this year’s San Diego Comic Con….geared for the fans of the comic, it features some nice art by John Romita Jr. I’m still waiting for new issues of this.



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