Frank Darabont, the director of ‘The Mist’ and ‘The Green Mile’ as well as acting and writing for many other movies is close to finalizing a deal with the cable channel AMC to make a television adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s zombie masterpiece ‘The Walking Dead’. Although it seems a little random to me that AMC is the channel that is getting the show…this is still very exciting. The comic is excellent and, if done well, could also make a really chilling television series. AMC is currently getting alot of press for ‘Mad Men’ and seeing how succesful HBO’s ‘True Blood’ has been, I guess they had the ‘guts’ to try a horror drama as well. ‘The Mist’ was a great movie and the overall feeling of the film as well as its powerful ending is a good sign to me that ‘The Walking Dead’ is in good hands with Frank Darabont.


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