Spiders and Robots


Thanks to a post by MTV (strangely enough) it was announced that Deadpool and Spider-man are getting a team-up issue in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #611, which comes out sometime in November. This is quite cool as I’ve just recently gotten into reading Deadpool and they have already met each other in the recent  Deadpool ‘Suicide Kings’ miniseries….with funny consequences. The art looks like it will do a good job of reflecting the humor of the story as well.


 As part of the ongoing celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, Sunrise studio is putting on a concert series featuring many of the songs that have been featured in the many different series since 1979. Cool idea, but even better is the amusing poster that they’ve drawn to promote the concerts….’rock band Gundam’.


Another magazine article on the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn anime has popped up on the internet as well. Sunrise still hasn’t announced what format the anime will be released in (TV show, OVA, or movie) but it seems that a promotional video for the work will be shown at some ‘Gundam Festival’ later this month.


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