Big News…perhaps?

berserk_4c_02berserk_4c_03berserk_4c_01berserk_4c_04Four images appeared on the internet over last weekend showing what appears to be scenes from some sort of new animated Berserk project. I’ve heard a few different stories as to how the pictures ended up online, one of which that this is actually an update to an older story that was reported a year ago about a second season of the anime being produced. The pictures have arrived without any sort of announcement, although people are pegging the source as either Bee Train or Studio 4 C. If there really is another animated version of Berserk being produced, I hope that Bee Train doesn’t have the rights to it as they butchered the Blade of the Immortal anime adaptation and I don’t see how they could do justice to Kentaro Miura’s work. The images look professionally done, and if they are fakes, then they are extremely well put together. If it is real, I think that its some sort of ‘test film’ animated by the studio to see how such a project would look on screen. regardless of what anyone says, there is no official announcement yet so everything at this point is pure speculation.


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