Super-Powered Ghosts


While reading the last few pages of this week’s issue of The Walking Dead I came across an advertisement for an upcoming series with a hero who looks like some strange fusion between Spider-man, Spawn, and Anti-Venom. This is good because I love Spider-man and Anti-Venom’s look and I’ve always appreciated Spawn’s design as well. The new comic is titled ‘Haunt’ and it is the end result of several years of collaborative work between Robert Kirkman (the writer of The Walking Dead, Marvel Zombies, and a number of other good works) and Todd McFarlane (the creator of Spawn, an artist on The Amazing Spider-Man and the creator of a very popular toy line). Apparently, Kirkman challenged Mcfarlane to start working on more comics and this is the result of him coming back to the comics industry after an absence of several years.

Kirkman is handling the writing for the new series while McFarlane is doing the covers as well as designs and layouts. The new series focuses on the story of a one Daniel Kilgore who is dragged into a life of espionage and murder by the ghost of his brother. He also gets ectoplasmic super-powers in the process. I have been a huge fan of Kirkman’s work since I began obsessivley reading The Walking Dead and I have always enjoyed McFarlane’s designs and art work….this is definitley something I will be checking out.

‘Haunt’ number 1 arrives in comic book stores on October 7th. The images are of two different covers for the first issue…both taken from SPAWN.COM.



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