Soul Candy

PAGE 007

Above is a promotional image that is in the October issue of Newtype for the third Bleach movie. I’ve always enjoyed the art in both the manga and the related anime and I also thought that most of their posters such as this one have been pretty cool. The image feautres Rukia (?) in her ‘villain mode’ or something. I heard that the original author Kubo Tite had more of a hand in this most recent film, which is good to hear for although I enjoyed the first film ‘Memories of Nobody’ I thought that the second film “The DiamondDust Rebellion’ didn’t really live up to my expectations for the film. The newest film is called ‘Fade to Black’. You’ve gotta love the titles.

I haven’t really watched the anime since Ichigo defeated Grimmjow since I felt that the story has been dragging the readers along at an almost infuriating pace. Kubo Tite has too many ‘good’ characters than ‘evil’ ones….and the past few years of stories have just felt like a constant cycle of ‘two minutes of fame’ moments for all of the good guys whilst the bad dudes are just sort of….there. The one exception to this could be the final battle between Ulquiorra and Ichigo, which was a slight return to the earlier days of the story where the fights were still interesting. Here’s to hoping that this new movie is fun to watch, especially since I’ve always liked Rukia.


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