Berserk 34

34-another-cover_largeThe thirty-fourth volume of Kentaro Miura’s manga epic Berserk went on sale last friday in Japan along with issue 19 of Young Animal, which is the magazine that serializes the work. Several different goods were included with the releases last friday in celebration of Berserk’s 20th anniversary including the variant cover shown above. berserk-schierke

Included in certain copies of volume 34 is a special card illustrated and signed by Miura himself thanking the reader for purchasing the newest volume. The principle character on the card is the witch Schierke in an outfit that is a first for the series. Excellent art aside, it’s an interesting image for the author to place inside a ‘dark fantasy comic’. Clearly, Miura has a strange sense of humor. It is also interesting to note that in discussions of the recent volume of the series, this image has taken precedence over the developments in the story as the newest volume contains some of the biggest changes to the story we’ve seen yet.


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