Full Metal Evangelion

19a8cdec328542539711438391049fcfAs I first read on EvaGeeks.org, in a recent Newtype magazine interview in Japan, it was revealed that the third film in the Rebuild of Evangelion series is set to be released during the summer of 2010. This is a much quicker release than what we experienced with the second film which was released just about two years after the initial film in September 2007. The best part of the news though isn’t found in the release date but rather with the announcement that the new films have been so successful in Japan that the animation studio isn’t concerned with ‘limiting the budget’ on the third film and while they are keeping everyone who worked on the first two films, Studio Khara is also hiring new staff with the goal of maintaining the same level of quality while releasing the new film at a much earlier date than was previously expected. The only downside is that the directors and supervisors of the project won’t be able to do any interviews or press conferences due to the intensity of the schedule. This is great news as you don’t often hear a studio of any kind announcing that they are ‘not concerned with the budget’ of a project. The last film was excellent and the third film seems to be featuring the highest amount of new additions and changes to the stories that we’ve seen yet, so I am very excited about this announcement.

011Funimation also made an announcement this past weekend on the release of the new Full Metal Alchemist TV series which has been airing in Japan since last April. Essentially, the bulk of the announcement was releasing information about the english voice-over cast (which I have absolutely no interest in) but it was also stated that Funimation will be releasing the new series on DVD in America sometime in the spring of 2010.The new show has been great to watch and although I adored the original TV show but I feel as though that overall the new series is better especially since its been a much closer adaptation of the manga’s story.


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