Lego Stuff

7116-17135-17136-1Although a little early, Lego is releasing a 10th anniversary line of Bionicles this fall. The ‘Bionicle Stars’ sets are selling at about $8.99 each (I think) and are already appearing in some Target stores. A special gold piece is included with each figure, which, when one has collected the entire set of figures, you can use all of the amassed gold pieces to build another character. This is pretty cool. I like that they are bringing back some of the older designs from the series while combining them with the most recent aesthetic for the line. Better still, there are apparently big Lego sales across stores like Target and Toys r’ Us going on now as well. I think they want to move as many of the older sets as possible before releasing the 2010 series. Also, the current Lego Star Wars sets are fun-looking as well and include some cool ships this season.


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