Bionicle Ending

In an unexpected announcement, Lego has sent out the word that the most current line of Bionicle figures will, in fact, be the final set of the 10-year old franchise. Although a suprising choice by the company based upon how popular the Bionicle line has been, I did think that it was strange that the winter line-up for this year was comprised only of slight re-designs of some of the more popular characters from previous sets. Lego also announced in their statement that they would be continuing the theme of buildable action figures that the Bionicle line started by releasing the upcoming Ben10 line for younger children and coming out with a new buildable figure property from the Bionicle designers in summer 2010. 

I’ve loved the Bionicle line since it’s release in 2001 and its sad to see the line go. Although I have little interest in the upcoming Ben10 sets I am interested in seeing the new line of buildable figures that Lego plans to release next summer. Until then, I will just enjoy the last six figures in the current Bionicle Stars line.


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