Aliens Attack Norway

Around 7 AM on December 9th over the skies of Norway, this pretty insane-looking ‘light spiral’ was witnessed by thousands of people over the course of several minutes. After the spiral vanished, a glow remained in the sky for several hours afterward. Although I initially just thought it was the result of someone with alot of time having fun with Photoshop or AfterEffects, it seems as though that there were dozens of different witness accounts — so many in fact that it seems that this was indeed a ‘real’ event. Although the Norwegian, Swedish, and Russian governments have all claimed that they did not launch any rockets or missiles, many scientists are claiming that this phenomena was the result of technical problems during a high-altitude rocket test from Russia. Personally, I think that it’s something else entirely with nothing to do with the technical difficulties faced by Russian technology in space, because, well, isn’t it always the Russians? I’m going for the¬†international conspiracy angle on this.


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