Weekly Hirasawa 3

This week is the music video for the song “Logic Air Force” by Hirasawa’s band P-MODEL. This comes off of the 1999 album P-MODEL OR DIE. P-MODEL is the techno-pop band that Hirasawa started in 1979 and although the band’s member’s changed many times, Hirasawa was always the ‘core’ of the group. P-MODEL officially disbanded in 1999 at their 20th anniversary. For the 30th anniversary celebration of P-MODEL and the 20th anniversary of his solo career, Hirasawa will be releasing two new remix albums in 2010 under a project entitled “The Aggregated Past: Kagenshugi 8760 HOURS where fans can vote for their favorite P-MODEL and solo Hirasawa songs to be remixed on the upcoming albums.

Also, included below is a pretty funny video mash-up between P-MODEL’s song “Speed Tube” and the girls from the recent music anime K-ON!


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