Always Look Over Your Shoulder

Currently in development by the game company Rebellion Developments, the new Alien vs. Predator first-person-shooter will be released on February 19, 2010. It is being released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platforms as well as for the PC. Like the previous games in the franchise, the new installment will allow players to go through story modes for all three races: the humans, Predators, and, of course, the Aliens. There is also going to be an online player vs. player function of the game as well. Apparently the game is significantly more violent than any other recent video games of its type (according to the developers) and it has been mentioned that certain portions of the game my be toned down to avoid an ‘adults only’ rating. Apparently one of the scenes in question is the Predator’s ‘trophy kill’ system where a Predator pulls out the skull and spinal cord of a hapless colonial marine. Nice.  There are three different versions of the game being released, Standard, Survivor, and Hunter. The Hunter edition is the ‘master’ edition of the game and includes everything that comes with the Standard and Survivor releases along with a number of extra items such as a Facehugger replica. The Hunter edition of the game is pictured below. The video included above is the trailer for the Alien gameplay in the forthcoming game.


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