A Little Bit of Evangelion News

In a recent magazine interview with the co-director of the new Rebuild of Evangelion film series Kazuya Tsurumaki, it was revealed that he and the studio are currently in the process of working on a ‘retake’ of the film with revised animation in particular scenes and also, possibly, brand new scenes that were not present in the theatrical release of the film back in June. The release date of the new cut of Evangelion 2.0 is going to be next spring, according to the latest information.

Back stateside, Funimation has just announced that they will announce the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of Evangelion 1.11 (the most current edition of the first film) on March 9th of next year. The new edition of the film features new scenes and corrected lighting in many scenes that were too dark in the previous releases as well as the overall quality of the film being adjusted to reflect the standards of the hi-definition picture on the Blu-Ray disc.

Even Rei is shocked to see the vast improvement in quality of the new Blu-Ray edition of the first movie as opposed to the original DVD release of the first cut of the film.


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