New Code Geass Anime

The animation studio Sunrise had previously announced plans for a new installment in the Code Geass franchise — and today, they released the first promotional image for the new project in the most recent issue of Newtype. No other information is available for the series aside from the mysterious promise of a ‘new rebirth’ and that it will be a apparently a television series. I have the feeling it will be a direct sequel to the old series, which may be difficult when one remembers how it ended….Anyways. I hope this new season will be better than the last series which left alot to be desired.


One thought on “New Code Geass Anime

  1. In my opinion, I feel that the new TV Series will likely be a remake of Code Geass R2. Considering how the second season turned out, I would love to see the intended version of season two that the producers were forced to scrapped, which continued from where Season One left off, rather then the one year time skip that Code Geass R2 began.

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