High School of the Dead Anime Announced (Updated)

An animated version of the manga High School of the Dead has just been announced…which isn’t too suprising due to not only the apparent popularity of the manga in Japan but also how popular the ‘cute girls with graphic violence’ genre has been in anime recently. Upon writing that last sentence I realized that a large majority of anime has always been in the ‘cute girls with graphic violence’ category, but, to rephrase, it has been quite the trend recently in Japan to produce low-quality shows with the marketable ‘qualities’ of the female characters being the primary draw and the graphic violence used to distract from the lack of a story and sub-par animation. I enjoyed the manga of this, as ‘brainless’ as it is, and although I am interested in seeing the animated version I do not have very high expectations for it. Robert Kirkman’s ‘The Walking Dead’ it is not but it still supplies hordes of the lurching, moaning undead for the main cast of characters to destroy and be eaten by. Exciting.

I found a small image of a two-page spread article in the most recent issue of the Japanese anime magazine Newtype that shows what the general look of the characters will be in the new series.


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