Evangelion 2.0 DVD Release Date

A Japanese online retailer has just listed a May 26th release date for the second entry in the Rebuild of Evangelion film series now entitled ‘Evangelion 2.22’. The ‘.22’ in the title denotes the added footage and re-touched animation that will be included in the Blu-Ray/DVD release. As usual, no release date for the American version of the film has been announced although Funimation is finally releasing the first film, ‘1.11’, on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 9th.


5 thoughts on “Evangelion 2.0 DVD Release Date

  1. do you know when japan release 2.0 do they have english subtitles on it? or just plain old japanese language only?

  2. No subtitles…then probably I will get from fansub first and waiting BD release have English translation. Woho just about a month from now.

  3. Yeah, I’m waiting for the fansubs as well. But I still ordered a copy though off CDJapan because after watching the camrip of the film last summer….I just had to buy it. lol. I loved the crappy camrip I watched so I’m very excited about seeing a good-quality version of the film.

  4. Thank god Finally a release date for Evangelion its so hard to get it in australia i pretty much have to downloads fansubs or buy them from ebay but other than massive fan of evangelion!!!!! May 26th goin on my calender!!!!!

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