Black Rock Shooter Anime Info

It was announced yesterday on the official Japanese website that the Black Rock Shooter anime project will be a 50-minute episode that will be streamed online for free during a promotional event for the franchise that will take place from June 25th to August 31st. It hasn’t been announced whether or not the episode will be streamed for anyone outside of Japan. It doesn’t seem like the project will be any longer than a single episode and although I was looking forward to at least a 12 episode series airing sometime this year, a single really well produced episode could be way better than a longer series with less memorable animation. Since Black Rock Shooter is primarily a visual/music franchise I guess there isn’t a pressing need to make a large television production out of it. This should be awesome as long as they do a good job expressing the visual style of designer huke’s original art…which shouldn’t be too hard seeing as he is on the production staff of the anime.

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