Kaiju Movie Trailers I: Gamera Trilogy

I love good movie trailers. Alot. Particularily well-done ones for films I quite enjoy. Starting off a new column, I’ll be posting groups of trailers for a few different kinds of movies. First up is the ‘Kaiju’ or giant monster genre from Japan. First up, the Gamera trilogy in the 1990’s. After some pretty bad and sometimes extremely embarassing films in the 60’s and 70’s, Gamera was brought back by director Shusuke Kaneko and suddenly became the centerpiece of a few of the very best monster movies ever made. The first film was ‘Gamera: Guardian of the Universe’ in 1995 followed by ‘Gamera: Attack of Legion’ in 1996 and ‘Gamera: Revenge of Iris’ in 1999. The second and third films in the trilogy are classics.

One thought on “Kaiju Movie Trailers I: Gamera Trilogy



    AGOURA HILLS, CALIFORNIA – March 18th, 2010: For the first time in America, a book has been published on Japan’s foremost director of Fantasy Films: The book is called MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN – The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda.

    Known primarily for directing such classic Japanese monster movies as Rodan, Mothra, Attack of the Mushroom People and the original Godzilla, Honda has been a much-overlooked figure in mainstream international cinema.

    MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN is the first book to cover in English print Honda’s life as well comprehensively evaluates all 25 of his fantasy films. It is also gives objective and critical analysis of Honda’s filmmaking methods, themes and relationships with actors and technicians.

    Making use of extensive interviews from Honda’s colleagues, as well as a wealth of original source material never before gathered into one volume (including unpublished essays), MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN is an affectionate tribute to arguably the most-prolific and influential director in the history of fantasy films.

    Here is the link to the publishing company with details: http://www.authorhouse.co…Detail.aspx?bookid=65692. MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN is available on the Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders websites (ISBN No.: 978-1-4490-2771-1) and as an “E-Book.” An interview with the author about his book can be found on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/encinostalgia.

    The email address for receiving complimentary review copies is: gojirafan53@aol.com.

    Many thanks and enjoy!

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