Nausicaa Blu-Ray Release Info

Hayao Miyazaki’s film ‘Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind’ is being digitally remastered and is set to be released on Blu-Ray on July14th in Japan. Interestingly enough, the Japanese Blu-Ray release will include an english subtitle and dub track as well as a subtitle an dub track for several other languages such as Korean, German, and French. The Blu-Ray will also include a commentary track by Hideaki Anno (the director of Evangelion as well as a key animator in Nausicaa) as well as a recent conversation between him and Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki. It isn’t clear if the bonus extras and commentary will also have english subtitles but I’m hoping that the language options apply to the film as well as the disc extras.

The Blu-Ray release is being handled by Walt Disney Studios Japan so an American Blu-Ray release can’t be far behind. Although it seems that fans should probably pick up the Japanese Blu-Ray seeing as it already has an english language track and so that they can be sure to get all of the commentaries and extras which are usually dropped from stateside releases of foreign films.

Lastly, this is also the first in a series of Blu-Ray releases of all of the older Studio Ghibli films. I’m excited to see what they do with ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ and ‘Princess Mononoke’.


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