Evangelion 2.22 Trailer ‘Officially’ Released

The trailer for the upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD release of Hideaki Anno and Studio Khara’s  ‘Evangelion 2.22’ has just been released. Now, this is the same trailer that was shown at the Tokyo Anime Fair earlier this month which I posted on before. The major differences here being that the first video I posted was a really crummy ‘cam’ version that someone standing in front of the video player had taken and that the video itself was quickly taken off Youtube not very long after it was posted. This ‘official’ release of the trailer is much higher quality and gives some quick glimpses of some of the new scenes they’ve put into the film (such as the quick shot of Eva Unit 02 doing a backflip). The video quality still isn’t anywhere near HD but it still gives you a good idea of just how awesome the animation in this film is. Evangelion 2.22 arrives on May 26th in Japan and there is no word when it may be released over here. In other words, just buy it off either CDJapan or Amazon.jp.


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