Evangelion 2.22 x Tower Records

With about a month left until its release on May 26th, Japan is all sorts of excited about Evangelion 2.22. Gainax and Studio Khara have all sorts of  promotional deals over the next few months with UCC Coffee, Lawson food stores and all sorts of other companies but the one that’s stood out to me the most is the promotional stuff they have going on at Tower Records when the Blu-Ray is released. Since I’m not very fluent in Japanese I don’t have much of an idea as to what the exact specifications of the promotion are, I do know that if you get the movie from Tower Records you also can get these pretty cool looking posters that I’ve posted above (without the big ‘SAMPLE’ letters across the first one).

If you don’t think the posters are that cool then maybe you’d prefer the crazy weird advertising happening with Japanese fast food chain ‘Lotteria’ or bottles of mineral water in the shape of Asuka and Rei’s….torso’s?

I think I would just stick with the Tower Records posters. Truthfully though, I would probably couldn’t resist checking out what an ‘EVA-Burger’ would taste like and then washing it down with….Rei mineral water. I don’t know exactly where the money from all these promotional deals goes, but its cool as long as some of it goes to the production budget for the next two films in the series.


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