Ridley Scott Reveals ‘Alien’ Prequel Details

Ridley Scott was interviewed this week by MTV and revealed some interesting pieces of information about the film. He is currently working through the fourth draft of the film and it is set in the year 2085, which places it about 30 years before the first ‘Alien’ film from 1979. Scott also commented that although Sigourney Weaver won’t appear in the film (which makes sense — Ripley wouldn’t have even been born yet) the film will still feature a woman as the main character. Ridley Scott then comments that, as rumors suggested, the film would indeed explain the mystery behind the ‘Space Jockey’ that appeared in the first film. Prior to the Alien eggs being discovered, the away team finds the remains of another creature which had also been killed by a chestbuster…or so it seemed. This new film will reveal the what the Space Jockey truly is. Perhaps most interesting is Scott’s comments on the design of the creatures themselves: ” The alien in a sense, as a shape, is worn out”. I agree with his comments.

The design of the creature worked wonderfully for the original four films and has become an icon of both science fiction and horror films and has had nearly as many action figures as Godzilla. However, we all know and instantly recognize the creature now. We’ve watched the films dozens of times. The only people unfamiliar with it are the few people who have perhaps heard of the films but have never seen them….which, to me, is just unbelievable. Scott then comments that when the film gets closer to being ready for pre-production he will be talking with the original designer H.R. Giger to possibly come up with something completely different that no one has seen before….”I have to design — or redesign — earlier versions of what these elements are that led to the thing you finally see in “Alien,” which is the thing that catapults out of the egg, the face-hugger”. Scott ends the interview by saying that he hopes to have the film released in late 2011 or sometime in 2012. Ridley Scott has a new film arriving this summer, ‘Robin Hood’, which is sadly being totally overshadowed due to his announcement of returning to the Alien franchise.

You can read the full interview for yourself here: http://www.mtv.com/movies/news/articles/1637638/story.jhtml

The video posted above is the original trailer for the first ‘Alien’ film from 1979.

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