Alien Anthology Blu-ray Information

20th Century Fox is releasing the four primary Alien films remastered on Blu-Ray later this year. The collection will be called the ‘Alien Anthology’ and it will not feature the two terrible Alien vs. Predator films. The new collection will include many hours of new extras that will go far beyond what was included in thebonus material of the ‘Alien Quadrilogy’ DVD boxset that was released in 2004. Aside from a variety of new featurettes, the most exciting announcement for me has to be the news that the extended edition of Alien 3 is getting its audio issues fixed. Since a ‘director’s cut’ doesn’t exist for Alien 3 (due to director David Fincher not wanting to have anything else to do with the project) the people at Fox decided to release workprint footage that had been cut from the original release of the film to create an ‘extended edition’.

The problem with this is that certain scenes weren’t actually finished in post production so entire segments of dialogue had to have a subtitle track go along with it just to understand what the actors are saying. This new Blu-ray release of Alien 3 apparently fixes this problem due to some of the actors returning to re-record their dialogue. the release date for the box set is rumored to be Christmas of this year and there will of course be a few different versions of the release including a collector’s edition which will have the box set contained in an Alien egg. Very, very cool. Early design pictures of the anthology set are included below. Personally, as cool as the special edition looks, I really hope that it contains the white Alien Queen cover of the Blu-ray box because that cover picture is just simply awesome.


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