New Gainax Series in the Works

Studio Gainax has just posted a job listing searching for a ‘visual image assistant position’ to work on a new production that the studio is developing. The part-time position involves drawing and designing buildings, furniture, vehicles, and other objects for a new animated project taking place in Great Britain from 1900 to 1930. Gainax hasn’t announced the upcoming project, but I’m hoping that this will be a good new original work as Gurren Lagann was in 2007 and not the more recent Shikabane Hime and Hanamaru Kindergarten projects which were not only adaptations of other existing works but also easily forgettable. At least to me. Anyways, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this at least isn’t some silly moe/fan-service show. Or at least something with a good story. 



One thought on “New Gainax Series in the Works

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