Machete vs. Arizona (Updated Again)

The trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s film ‘Machete’ was just released today in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. The film itself was originally a joke trailer placed at the beginning of Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse double feature back in 2007 and it proved to be so popular that Rodriguez decided to make a full movie about it. Now, ironically enough, with all the controversy over the immigration laws in Arizona over the past few weeks, ‘Machete’ has arrived with incredible timing. I loved Rodriguez’s work on his half of Grindhouse which was ‘Planet Terror’ and I am really looking forward to Machete. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

Credit for this goes to Ain’t it Cool News as they were the first to break the trailer.

Update: The Cinco de Mayo trailer for Machete has actually been completely pulled offline by 20th Century Fox. So, I posted the ‘original’ trailer that was shown at the beginning of Planet Terror. The biggest difference between these two trailers is that the newest version featured a ‘Cinco de Mayo’ message from Machete more or less declaring war on Arizona. Also, the new trailer had a more heavy emphasis on the assasination of a senator for his racist platform. Apparently the newest trailer made alot of people very upset. Which is great. I am really sad to see the trailer taken offline and I am also hoping that this doesn’t effect the film’s eventual release….although I have a feeling that alot of people right now are either trying to get it banned or at least censored. The immigration topic is at a fever pitch right now and I think the Machete Cinco de Mayo trailer message was a brilliant move on the part of director Robert Rodriguez. I will post the most recent trailer again as soon as I can find it.

Update 2: Found the Cinco de Mayo trailer and posted it again, replacing the original Machete trailer from Planet Terror.


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