List of New Cuts in Evangelion 2.22

I’m actually starting to get overwhelmed by just how much Evangelion-related stuff there is right now to write about but I always seem to find something more that is just crazy enough to post. Like this here new poster for the Evangelion 2.22 Blu-ray. The image is the exact same one as what was used in movie theaters last year in Japan but this new poster lists every single cut of the film that has is either entirely new or changed in some way. I guess this settles the point that they really did work hard on this new release, if my sources are right it seems that a little more than half of the scenes in the movie are listed on the poster. The website has translated a short list of some of the newly added scenes of the film from the Minna no Eva blog which I’m including below.

Some of the new scenes include:

*Eva-02 is shown transported after its first-battle.
*Kaji arrives in Japan, seemingly at a train station. Shinji and the boys meet him there.
*Misato has free time, sitting at headquarters. The activation test is when she receives Asuka’s “What a shame!”.
*Aida-kun is called out in the classroom.
*In the Eva 2.22 PV and Eva-Extra 06, Eva-03 is shown being transported. It passes through a thundercloud.
*Eva-03’s entry plug is shown being collected after the battle.
*The Eva 2.22 PV showed Mari backflipping in Eva-02. The 10th Angel’s attack is increased from there on.

It seems that the film is getting some crucial character-development scenes added. They had plenty of room to add more dialogue scenes on to the film and I’m glad that they seem to be doing so. Of course, the added content to Mari’s battle in Eva-02 against the 10th Angel is cool too.

Also, the seventh issue of the Eva-Extra magazine will be released for free the same day as the Blu-ray and DVD on the 26th. Studio Khara has released the cover of the issue which is from the end of the film and looks super awesome:


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