‘Tokyo-3’ Screening of Evangelion 2.22

This past weekend, on May 8th, there was a special screening of ‘Evangelion 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance’ at the high school in Hakone, Japan that was apparently the insipration for the school that all of the pilots in the series attend. The school was decorated in all sorts of Evangelion-related posters and emblems. Images of Ayanami Rei were even placed from the windows of the upper floors — to give the appearance that she was looking out from the room above. All of this is pretty crazy, but also totally cool. There was a ton of merchandise present, with some special items just for the event, but the main attraction was the chance to take a look at the new cut of the film as well as a special music video several weeks prior to the release of the actual film.

Luckily this event wasn’t cancelled after the Lawson convenience store debacle in Hakone last month. I just think its cool for the studios involved to take the time to set up events like this for the fans — it most certainly makes money and its stuff like this that really makes me wish that I lived in Japan. Below are some images from the event from the Minna no Eva blog (http://neweva.blog103.fc2.com/blog-entry-930.html).


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