Windows 7’s Anime Mascot Character

For its release in Japan, Microsoft developed a mascot character to help promote its new Windows 7 operating system. The mascot character is named Nanami Madobe and she is voiced by the popular actress Nana Mizuki. Being the mascot character, Windows 7 in Japan comes with wallpapers and audio files that can replace the normal sounds that Windows makes with Madobe’s voice. Below is a video that has a collection of these sound bytes. She let’s you know that you are shutting down your computer, says hello when you restart it, tells you when there’s been an error, announced when you have mail….the works.

The top video is a new advertisement running for Windows 7 in Japan in which Madobe talks about just how awesome it is to build your own computer with the Windows 7 OS. I had never really wanted to build my own computer prior to seeing this advertisement. I’m still using Windows Vista currently (and I’ve never once had a problem with it, oddly enough) but whenever I switch to Windows 7 I might have to find Madobe’s program to load onto the American version of the OS…..


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