Battle Royale in 3-D

Japanese film studio Toei just announced that they are in the midst of preparing a 3-D version of Kinji Fukasaku’s last film ‘Battle Royale’. This movie has never been ‘officially’ released stateside although the novel which the film was based on has. The movie has become something of a cult classic due to its story of a group of students being placed on an island to participate in a violent game in which there can be only one winner. I first saw the movie in 2005 and thought it was fantastic. It was originally released in 2000 in Japan and the director Kinji Fukasaku died early on in the production of Battle Royale 2. His son Kenta Fukasaku then took over directing responsibilities for the 2003 film which ended up being no where near the quality of the original. Kenta Fukasaku is now overseeing the 3-D remastering of the original film and it is set to be released to Japanese theaters on November 20th. I don’t know why a 3-D version of the film is necessary but I’m just glad to see the film get re-released. Above I’ve included the original theatrical trailer for the film.

Battle Royale was also bought by an American studio a few years ago to have so that it could be remade as an American film but the project was canned early on. The film is also available on DVD here through various international editions of the movie which included (usually terrible) english subtitles. The film earned $26 million when it was released in Japan and also earned an ‘R-15’ rating, which is one of the harshest ratings a film can get in Japan. Various politicians at the time also attempted to get the film banned from theaters.


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