Female Worgen Previewed

World of Warcraft is officially going furry. Blizzard has just released some ‘under development’ images of the female worgen design for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion pack. This may not seem like a big reveal to some but for several months now everyone had a very good idea of what the gender options for the other new race, the Goblins, would be but the only images and videos we ever saw for the Worgen were of the males. Which is fine, but it did create a weird sense of mystery around what the female Worgen would look like. Posted above are two of the images available from The Escapist. I think the design looks fine and they are exactly what you think they would look like, furry puppy people with boobs. The Worgen will be the new playable race on the Alliance side and the Horde side will be getting it’s first ‘midget’ race with the Goblins.


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