Evangelion 2.22 Blu-ray Improvements

This is priceless. This is why we have flat-screen televisions and 1060p Hi-Definition picture quality. For fanservice of the highest animation quality. Evangelion 2.22 hits shelves in Japan this week and pictures are already popping up online of the changes that have been made to the film since it’s inital release to Japanese theaters last June. There are several brand new scens that have been added to the Blu-ray that were not present in the film before but also most of the film has been touched up with added detail or smoother animation.

One excellent example of this is shown in the images above. The top picture is from the new Blu-ray release and the lower image is from the theatrical release. I will leave it to your own eyes to discern the obvious changes that have been made in the scene but I just wanted to comment on how much I appreciate the fine work that directors Hideaki Anno and Kazuya Tsurumaki and the other animators of Studio Khara have put into this work. Hooray for Mari’s butt in Hi-def!

Another poster has been put out for Evangelion 2.22 covering all of the scenes in the film and showing some images of a few of the new scenes that have been added to the work. Shown below are some photographs of the poster taken from a shop in Japan.

The DVD version was leaked online this past sunday with a relatively low-quality release of the film. The fans, including me, subsequently went crazy. This is fun and all but I strongly suggest that fans of the series buy the Japanese release off of Amazon.jp (The Blu-ray is region free and will work on any Blu-ray player including Playstation 3’s) or at the very least pick up the American version of the film when it eventually gets released stateside by Funimation. I will be posting later this week with a more in-depth review of the film.

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