The No.1 Selling Blu-ray in Japan is Evangelion 2.22

The Oricon music and film listing in Japan has announced that Evangelion 2.22 sold 124,000 DVD’s and 195,000 Blu-ray disc’s on the first day of its release this past Tuesday. The previous number one selling anime Blu-ray was Kazuhiro Furuhashi’s Mobile Suit Gundam UC which sold 56,000 copies in its first week. Evangelion easily topped that number in only a single day. It also tops the previous record holder for first-day sales in general which was, strangely enough, Michael Jackson’s This is It which moved 122,000 BD’s on its first day of release. This is It is still the record holder for most number of disc’s sold overall with Evangelion 1.11 coming in a close second. I think it’s pretty clear that Evangelion 2.22 will go on to outsell This it It.

For a little bit of perspective on just how many copies Evangelion sold on its release day, 195,000 is several times more than many 13 episode  late-night anime series sell during the entire run of the series. This is seriously a phenomenal number.


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