Weekly Hirasawa 9

It is sort of a joke that this series of posts is still called ‘weekly’ when really its been months since part 8. Despite this, I think that ‘Weekly Hirasawa’ still sounds better than ‘Every Once in Awhile Hirasawa’ so I’m still going to stick to the old title.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Susumu Hirasawa’s solo debut and the 30th anniversary of P-MODEL’s debut. To celebrate these events, Hirasawa began a project with the long-winded title of “The Aggregated Past KANGENSHUIGI 8760 HOURS” in which he would remix 20 tracks chosen by fans from both P-MODEL and his solo work. He began a cool addition to his official website in which fans could vote on their favorite songs all while listening to short clips of Hirasawa working on the remixing of the tracks he chose from the fan’s top choices. The first of two albums, this one focusing on P-MODEL, is set to be released on June 23rd on his online Teslakite shop.

The ten chosen songs are:

01:Art Blind 02:Missile
03:Solid Air 04:CHEVRON
09.ASHURA CLOCK 10.Another Day

Below is the original music video for the ‘Another Day’ song as well as the song ‘Ashura Clock’.

I’m excited to hear what the brand new mixes of these songs will be like and I’m hoping that the second remix album, this time focusing on his solo work, will be released later this summer. The name of the new album is “Totsu-gen-Hen-i” and along with his earlier work, can be purchased off of his official site.


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