The BP Oil Spill, The Angry Response

I’ve resisted against posting about this for a long time now because, well, it’s fucking depressing. There is nothing good about this at all and even the ‘smart people’ up top have called in James Cameron to participate in a brainstorming session with other scientists and academics to try and figure out how the hell to contain the spill, which is over two months old. And that, my friends, is when you know it’s bad. They figured that the guy who directed The Abyss will have something helpful to say to scientists. Not to say that Cameron isn’t a smart dude, I’m sure he is, but to get called in to help figure out how to solve BP’s royal fuck-up? These people might as well call up Bandai and animation studio Sunrise in Japan to see if they can build a special Gundam to help out with this mess as well.

BP has a full-on campaign going to to try and help their image and when I tried searching through YouTube to find some videos to post here the first thing I got was a nice little prompt to ‘friend’ BP and get live streaming video of the oceans being fucked over as well as some very sweet BP propaganda. This of course comes after they tried to do their best to keep the actual statistics of just how much oil was spilling out into the gulf as well as videos portraying the leak itself from getting released.

What I find most interesting and infuriating about all of this is that with all the media press this crisis is getting, it still feels like no where near the amount of press that Michael Jackson’s death got last summer. The world seemed to just stop from the moment he was pronounced dead to his rather spiffy send-off of a funeral. Bu the BP oil disaster? That doesn’t seem to be the case to me.

 People just don’t seem to be as angry as I thought they would be. Maybe its too depressing. Maybe the sheer magnitude of how bad this is hasn’t really hit home for them (I admit that I have a hard time imagining how bad it must be) but I think the consensus overall has been that Louisiana is just getting fucked over again and no one will really give a shit until all the old people in Florida start getting angry that their grandchildren are getting dead pelicans stuck in their floaties.

Below I’m including some images that I’ve found while reading Andrew Sullivan’s coverage of the disaster. I tried to at least put in a few sad-but-funny pictures as well. Maybe more on this later depending on how depressed I get. I just more or less wanted to remind people (and myself) that whatever you find yourself doing or going through at the moment, the world is dying because of us. And I really wish that was just me being melodramatic.

From the popular 4chan meme, BP 'trolls' the Earth


One thought on “The BP Oil Spill, The Angry Response

  1. Your liberal blog spews more trash than the oil spill in LA. It’s people like you that make everyone else feel bad about being American – if you’re so smart, why don’t you clean it up?

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