Yoshiyuki Tomino Opening Sequences

Yoshiyuki Tomino is well known for being the principle creator of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and he has worked on a very large number of productions over the years. Although I am not always very fond of his style of directing he has made some of the most memorable and unique opening sequences to grace animation even if they are more than a little eccentric. Tomino even composed some of the opening songs himself under a pseudonym, often times making up an entirely fake band name that would appear in the title credits. So, for fun, and my love of opening sequences, here is a selection of my favorite Yoshiyuki Tomino opening sequences.

Up first is the original opening for Mobile Suit Gundam from 1979.

The second opening credit for Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam from 1985:

Next is the second opening from 1986’s Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

This next video is probably NSFW and is the opening sequence for Tomino’s 1998 series Brain Powerd.

Next are the two opening sequences for the 1999 television series Turn A Gundam. These are by far my favorite videos.

The last video is for Tomino’s 2002 series Overman King Gainer.

Some of these are without a doubt really strange videos, even for anime standards (especially the one for Brain Powerd), and I also tend to feel that Tomino’s overall style hasn’t changed very much from the 1979 title sequence for Mobile Suit Gundam. overall, I feel as though they are interesting enough to at least view once.


2 thoughts on “Yoshiyuki Tomino Opening Sequences

  1. Thank you for your input! When I referred to Yoshiyuki Tomino as the ‘principle’ creator of Gundam, I was also thinking of the character designer Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, the mechanical designer Kunio Okawara, and all of the people at Sunrise who are referred to by the pseudonym ‘Hajime Yatate’.

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