Andrew Garfield is the New Spider-Man

This dude is the new Peter Parker, taking over from Tobey Maguire. I know this is everywhere on the internet right now but I still wanted to write a little bit about it.

Now I liked the first two Sam Raimi Spider-man films. They weren’t perfect though and as a life-long Spider-man fan I had many issues with how they chose to adapt some of the most well-known stories and characters from the series. Despite my nerdy opinions, the first two films were just good movies for everybody, not just nerds.

Then it goes without saying that the third film was nothing short of an apocalyptic mess. Expectations were running very high to see what Raimi would do with the Venom character…and he chose to really just really screw everything up.

Now, there is a new team and a new lead actor so I am hoping that this new series will choose to better represent the comic book series. Aside from the obvious problems that the film studios were having with Raimi himself I also think that Marvel wanted to reboot the Spider-man film franchise so that they could have it fit in better with the ongoing Iron Man series as well as the upcoming Captain America, Thor, and Avengers films. The first Spider-man series lacked any sense of a ‘shared universe’ with the other Marvel films which is one of the fun things about Marvel Comics in general, the fact that all of the heroes know each other and hang out (or fight) occasionally.

So…I will remain cautiously optimistic about this new series. Most importantly, they need to give poor Venom a second chance.

Also, the Amazing Spider-man comic books have a totally awesome story currently going on under the title Grim Hunt. It’s a sequel of sorts to one of the greatest Spider-man stories ever made, Kraven’s Last Hunt, and this new series has been quit intense. Even if the future of the film series is hazy right now, the comic books are the best they’ve been in years right now.

A variant cover to the Grim Hunt storyline


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