Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Movie Announced

The second Full Metal Alchemist television series ended earlier today in Japan and at the very end of the broadcast it was announced that a new film based on the series will be produced.

Back in 2005, at the conclusion of the first television series, animation studio Bones announced The Conqueror of Shambala which was the movie conclusion to that original series.

It is completely unknown what the new film will be about as the final episode of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood was a faithful adaptation to author Hiromu Arakawa’s final chapter of the manga. In 2005, the movie was a natural continuation to the series as that television adaptation had different ending than to Arakawa’s still-ongoing manga.

I think the natural assumption at this point is that it will be a recap movie going over the events of Brotherhood with additional new scenes from the manga added that they had skipped over in the television broadcast. However, I’m hoping that the new film will be an original side-story or sequel that is a collaboration between Arakawa and the animation production team as that would be much more exciting that a bulky recap film.

More information on the new movie will be available in the coming months, so only time will tell…

The announcement card at the end of the last episode of Brotherhood

The screencaps are from Random Curiosity.


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