Hayao Miyazaki Comments on the iPad

Director Hayao Miyazaki of Nausicaa and My Neighbor Totoro fame was featured in an interview published in ‘Neppuu’, a pamphlet published by Studio Ghibli, in which he makes some very intriguing remarks about the iPad.

In the interview, Miyazaki compared the getures one makes when using an iPad to masturbation and commented that the device itself is ‘disgusting’.

It is important to note that Miyazaki doesn’t own a computer, a DVD player, rarely watches TV and rather than email, he prefers to send actual letters. He has also commented in the past that he was disgusted when everyone on trains started reading manga and then later when everyone started using their cell phones all the time for text messaging.

Later in the interview Miyazaki talks about how all of these new devices, not just the iPad, keep people from paying attention to their surroundings and using their own creativity. At the end of the interview, Miyazaki states that one must not just be a consumer, but also someone who creates.

Although I think his comments on the iPad and its users are a little extreme, I do see where he’s coming from. Miyazaki is a fantastic artist and a traditionalist and he seems most concerned with how people get distracted by technology and new ‘things’ and never reach their full potential. Despite these sentiments, he still comes off as being a little ‘Grandpa Miyazaki’.

From ANN and Kotaku.


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