Directors and Script Writers for The Walking Dead Revealed

Frank Darabont has revealed who will be on directing and script-writing duties for the entire first season of AMC’s The Walking Dead television series. Listed below:

The writers…
1) Frank Darabont
2) Frank Darabont
3) Frank Darabont, Chic Eglee (The Shield, Dexter), Jack LoGuidice (Sons of Anarchy)
4) Robert Kirkman (the creator of the original comics)
5) Glen Mazzara (The Shield, Hawthorne)
6) Adam Fierro (The Shield, Dexter, 24)

The directors…
1) Frank Darabont
2) Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad, The X-Files)
3) Gwyneth Horder-Payton (The Shield, Battlestar Galactica)
4) Johan Renck (Breaking Bad)
5) Ernest Dickerson (The Wire, Dexter)
6) Guy Ferland (The Shield, Sons of Anarchy)

This is an awesome list and I am especially excited to see the episode penned by series creator Robert Kirkman.

From io9.


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