Turn A Gundam Licensed by Bandai Entertainment

Bandai Entertainment announced today at it’s Comic Con International panel today that it has acquired the rights for all 50 episodes of Yoshiyuki Tomino’s Turn A Gundam series.

Although more than a little eccentric and not without it’s flaws, it is no secret that Turn A Gundam is my favorite installment in the franchise.

Released in 1999 as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the first Gundam television series it features designes by Syd Mead (of Blade Runner and Alien fame) and music composed by the master herself, Yoko Kanno (of Cowboy Bebop fame). Turn A Gundam is also so far director Yoshiyuki Tomino’s last contribution to the franchise apart from a short film made for last year’s 30th anniversary entitled Ring of Gundam.

No release date is set yet but I am happy just to know that this series has been picked up for release in America.

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