‘Spider-Man:Big Time’ Announced at Comic-Con

In San Diego today, head writer Dan Slott and assistant editor Tom Brennan announced that the ‘Brand New Day’ arc in Amazing Spider-Man will conclude in a few weeks which will begin a new arc and direction for the series which is being entitled ‘Big Time’.

The ‘Brand New Day’ arc has been running since spring 2008 and will conclude with the ‘One Moment In Time’ and the recently ended ‘Grim Hunt’ stories, which I feel create a good climax to the whole arc.

The ‘Big Time’ arc will see The Amazing Spider-Man being released twice a month rather than the three times a month schedule that is going on right now but the books will increase in size from 22 to 30 pages. Each issue will have either have one 30-page story or one 22-page story with an 8-page back-up story.

The artists which will be working on the ‘Big Time’ arc include Marcos Martin, Humberto Ramos, and Stefano Caselli. The first back-up story will feature the new Spider-Girl who is also getting her own solo title to go along with the ‘Big Time’ arc. The ‘Big Time’ title apparently refers to Peter Parker not just getting a new job, but a career which Dan Slott promises will have Peter living up to his full potential.

Also, there will be a brand new ‘Carnage’ 5-part limited series beginning in October as well as a ‘Osborn’ limited series. Overall, I have loved the ‘Brand New Day’ arc and I’m really looking forward to the new arc in the fall. I am also very excited about the first new story with Carnage in a very, very long time.

From what I remember, Carnage hasn’t appeared since the symbiote was seemingly destroyed by the Senty several years ago…so I’m interested in seeing what this new series will be about. Covers for the ‘Carnage’ mini-series as well as the new Spider-Girl series are featured below.

The new direction for the series begins in The Amazing Spider-Man #648 which is pictured above.


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